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About Us

We are a BaWü-wide association of committed students from different faculties and we empower and network first-year students to engage in sustainable development in their studies and beyond by organizing the Erstsemesterakademie BaWü at currently six universities.

In 2020, the “Erstsemesterakademie zukunftsfähig” took place simultaneously for the first time at six universities in Baden-Württemberg.  The pilot project was a major step toward greater sustainability at German universities. The goal is to continue to hold the “Erstsemesterakademie” annually at the beginning of the winter semester at universities in Baden-Württemberg with first-year students.

What is an Erstsemesterakademie?


  1. Programm findet über deProgram takes place throughout the day.
  2. The program takes place over several days (min. 3, ide. 5 days) and first-year students should participate in the entire program. 
  3. The First Semester Academy is open to first-year students from all disciplines at a university and offers interdisciplinary program points.


  1. The program has a common thread and uses Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as a foundation.
  2. The Freshers’ Academy offers a relaxed space for arriving, getting to know each other and exchanging ideas. It helps first-year students to orient themselves in their new stage of life.
  3. The Freshman Academy takes into account the many dimensions of sustainability in its program, which is also reflected in the diversity of topics and speakers.
  4. The first-year students are empowered to get involved and experience the many opportunities to get involved locally. The role of universities in sustainable transformation is also discussed.


  1. The Erstsemesterakademie contributes to the networking of the various sustainability actors* at the local level.
  2. The Erstsemesterakademie is a state-wide project. Representatives of the local teams commit themselves to regularly participate in meetings at the BaWü level. This serves the cohesion and the common further development.
  3. The representatives of the local groups can contribute to the joint BaWü working groups for public relations, finances, and university policy. As a statewide project, the Freshers’ Academy uses its visibility to promote the topic of sustainability in higher education policy.


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The Erstsemesterakademie BaWü zukunftsfähig is supported by funds from the Glücksspirale of the Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Economy and by RENN.süd: